Friday, 9 November 2007

This is the second stage of animatic for Asa's film. We we're sheduled to do it together at college but she's just so rushed off her feet at the minute I said I'd do all the animatic editing on my own. I'm pretty adept at after effects as well so hopefully I'll do a good job

The main problem we are having is that we thought the animatic was in for week 5 and a blockout by week 9. We now find out that these we're miss prints and it's the animatic for week 9. Our problem is that we've rushed through the storyboarding stage as a result of this and therefore our camera angles and a few quite important things got overlooked for a week or so and we're just getting back to it. I waited this week for new pictures and got the new animatic done but I still think there are a lot of wholes in it.

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