Monday, 24 September 2007

Films I'm Working On

Well I'm pretty disappointed not to have my film picked but I'm going to be working on three, possible four films and I'm happy with that.

Asa's Film is my main film I guess, I said I'd do some experimental animation, and the animatic this term. I'm really interested in helping her in any way I can, I think its easily the best film that was picked.
James Dean's film will be my other main project. I will help concepting this term, doing pictures and I plan to some basic Maya modeling and paint them in photoshop to give some cool concepts and we can get the colour palettes solid and in place.
Ash's film I'm just going to help out with, I get on well with most of the group and I think I will do some texturing for them next term. I will help out with the progression of the story this term and maybe give them some help on the shot selection during thumb nailing.
Adam's film I;ve said if theres anything needing doing I can do it, even if it's just designing a few robots, I think its a great project and I want to be involved somehow.